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We’ve scheduled the Young Teens’ Parent Experience and Parent Meeting for September 5.

Parent Experience is a chance for parents to join your student and experience a typical night of Junior High chaos for yourself!  We get things rolling around 6:45 pm.

Parent Meeting is a quick information meeting.  We’ll introduce all the YT Leaders and talk about parent stuff.  Your student is welcome to join you, but is not expected to be there.  We’ll start promptly at 8:15pm and be finished no later than 8:45 pm.

Multiple Me’s

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Our small groups are concluding a series tackling four topics that can be struggles for junior high students. In this final lesson, we talk about the idea of “Multiple Me’s” in our lives-in other words, the battle to live consistently.

We will built our conversation around 2 Timothy 4:5-8, words from the Apostle Paul to his protégé Timothy. These words-written while Paul sat in a Roman prison-remind of us his consistency, faithfulness, and commitment as a follower of Jesus, and the impact he had on so many people’s lives. Paul wasn’t a perfect guy, but he was committed to consistently honoring, obeying, and pointing people toward God.

Young teenagers are beginning to recognize the struggle of acting a certain way at church, but living differently when they are at school or with friends. Many students really want to live for God but just don’t know how to have Jesus be a part of their daily life at home, at school, on the team, or in life’s daily circumstances.

As you talk with your teenager about this week’s lesson, here are some questions you might want to ask:

  • What are some of the challenges to remaining faithful and consistent as a follower of Jesus? What are some especially specific situations that make it difficult?
  • What do you think is the difference between perfection, which we can’t achieve, and consistency and integrity, which God wants to see in our lives?
  • Why might a consistent life point your friends toward Jesus? How is a consistent life an effective demonstration of Jesus and his love?