Own It!

Picture me (a slightly balding but very attractive youth minister) sitting down to schedule our youth group theme and lessons for the year.  If that’s too scary, you can can picture yourself.  Anyway, I was just about to wrap up the scope and sequence for the year when that still, small voice interrupted me….

God:  “Bob, what is your goal for this ministry”

Bob:  “I want my kids to take ownership of their faith, to make it their own and not just something their parents or church believes.”

God:  “What lessons would you teach to make that happen?”

Then, to my amazement and delight, he downloaded an entirely new scope and sequence of lessons for our year.  As fast as I could write, God was giving me instructions about what questions to ask and how to answer them in a way that students could really ‘get.’

Each week, I waited as God unfolded the next lesson in the series.  Obviously, some weeks were less inspired than other, but at the end of the year, our ministry team agreed that we had been part of something awesome done in the power of God’s Holy Spirit!

The result a year long walk with God churning out lessons is “Own It!” — a 30 lesson series that asks and answers the hard questions teenagers need to know about.  The series uses a variety of delivery techniques (skits, dramatic readings, tube videos) but primarily uses small group discussion to lead student to an ownership of their faith.

Lock In
Enjoy!  We did.